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How to Produce Aerated Concrete Blocks

It takes a difficult and complex process to produce the Aerated Concrete Blocks. The main production process of producing Aerated Concrete Blocks with annual product of 20,000-30,000m3 is as followings:

1. Put the water into the coal ash, silicon sand or mining waste and grind them into slurry.

2. Add in powder lime, proper amount of cement, plaster and foaming agent. And infuse them into the mould after blending and at last cut into blocks or plates of various specifications.

3. Transport them into autoclaved axe with evaporate car. After high temperature saturation and with steam curing, the porous and light cellular concrete product is made.

4. Aerated concrete can be produced by different techniques due to types and quality of raw materials and features of equipment and so on.

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