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We have known the features of shale, and because of its hardness, considering other reasns, the shale brick making machine should be high pressure, durable properties, long service life, strong adaptability and thus we recommend to JKB or JKY series clay brick making machine for you, the final and suitable machine should according to the practical capacity or othe mixed raw materials and so on.

The prospect and significance of shale brick:

With the development of social economy, construction industry has got rapid development. Because of the the small size, large weight and poor heat preservation of clay brick, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of the development of building construction, while as a new building materials product, shale brick has a growing development space!

Using light shale ceramsite as skeleton material, adding ceramic sand, slag, or fly ash and oter industrial waste, cement as cementing material, all these make the shale brick production with light weight, insulation, energy saving and so on. Using this shale brick as a building wall materials, it can realize the building energy conservation!