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Coal gangue is a kind of available resources. It not only can improve the mining area enviroment, also can save resources, and reduce the coveer area, so as to promote the sustainable development of mining area. At present, the mature technology and large coal gangue utilization is the production of building materials. It includes using gangue as sintered brick production and as fuel in the brick.

Gangue brick mainly uses coal gangue as raw material, generally accounts for more than 80% of the billiet weight. Some are all use coal gangue as raw material, and some with a small amount of clay. After crushing, grinding, mixing, pressing, molding, drying, roasting, it makes gangue brick. When roasting, there is basically no longer needing plus fuel. It is similar that for using coal gangue inside the brick as the fuel and using coal as fuel, and the difference is that we should add one process for crushing.

Coal gangue sintered brick of tunnel kiln production process:

Coal gangue or shale to jaw crusher, hammer mill, roller screen to aging bunker to box feeder, conveyor, fine roller crusher to conveyor to double shaft mixer, conveyor, double-stage vacuum brick machine, automatic cutting machine, automatic cutter to automatic setting system, kiln car to ferry car, drying room to ferry pusher, tunnel kiln and then foming sintering brick.